2.7" 0.1-20um 40 Inches Absolute Rating Pp Pleated Sediment Filter

기본 정보
원래 장소: 상하이 송장
브랜드 이름: PULLNER
인증: FDA ISO9001
모델 번호: PLZ-PPL
최소 주문 수량: 1
가격: USD + 30-100 + PIECE
포장 세부 사항: 많은 부대, 그 후에 판지 당 50pcs 후에 판지 상자에 있는 Indiviedual 패킹. 12의 판지 각 깔판.
배달 시간: 8 일
지불 조건: T/T, 서부 동맹, L/C, D/A, D/P, MoneyGram
공급 능력: 1주일에 1400 PC
상세 정보
OD: 2.7" (68.5mm) 틈막이: 실리콘 탄성 중합체
여과 매체: 폴리프로필렌 여과 등급: 0.1um, 0.22um, 0.45um, 1um, 2um, 5um, 10um, 20um, 30um, 50um, 60um
흐름 속도: 1.2m ³ /h/10” 밀봉: 열접합
지지물질: 폴리프로필렌 표면: 10마다 " 6.1ft2 (0.56㎡)
하이 라이트:

20um PP Pleated Filter


2.7" 20 micron pleated water filter


2.7" pleated sediment filter

제품 설명

222/226 PP Pleated Filters Diameter 2.7" Length 10"/20"/30"/40" Competitive Price Free Sample



Item Technical Parameters
Micron 0.1um, 0.22um, 0.45um, 1um, 2um, 3um, 5um, 10um, 20um, 30um, 60um
Filtration area 0.4-0.7m²
Filter Medium Polypropylene (PP)
Support/Drainage Polypropylene (PP)
Core/Cage/End Cap Polypropylene (PP)
Outside diameter 2.7" (68.5mm)
Max. operating differential pressure ΔP≤0.35MPa at 25℃
Max. operating differential pressure (reverse direction) ΔP≤0.28MPa at 60℃
Max. operating temperature 80℃(Stainless steel support is recommended for temperature exceeds 50℃)
Sterilization temperature 30 minute cycles @121℃
Max. operating pressure 4.0bar/21℃



Filtration Efficiency

PPH >95% >98% >99.8% >99.9%
0.3μm 0.15 0.22 0.3 0.5
0.5μm 0.22 0.3 0.5 0.65
0.65μm 0.45 0.5 0.65 0.8
0.8μm 0.5 0.65 0.8 1.0
1.0μm 0.65 0.8 1.0 3.0
3.0μm 1.0 2.0 3.0 5.0


General Description

Microporous pleated filter element, the main filter material is : Polypropylene, Hydrophobic PTFE, Hydrophilic PTFE,Polyether sulfone, Nylon, etc.
Most of the raw materials are imported from abroad.Pleated filter element is a kind of deep filtration filter,it is usuaslly used as liquid overheating,clarification, filtration and terminal filter.
It has the following characteristics: the superfine polypropylene fiber membrane as the filtration medium, low pressure differential, high flux, good filtration precision, lower economic cost.
The whole structure of polypropylene, end cover, housing and center pole adopts polypropylene material; It adopts the hot melt welding process, PP and PP melt bonding,without any binder.
It has wide range of chemical compatibility, and also has a series of pore size and form a variety of interface.Material: Pleated filter, Support layer, End-cover, Inside & Outside cylinder are polypropylene.
Welding: It adopts the uniquehot melting methods, no glue, no foreign body fall off.
Typical use: Pharmaceutical, Food, Chemical, Electronics, Environmental protection, etc.
Microporous membrane pleated filter cartridge main features: High interception rate, high liquidity, low pressure differential and a wide range of chemical compatibility;
The production process adopts unique hot melting process technology, no any adhesive, no foreign body release.
It can meet the food,beverage, beer, chemical, pharmaceutical and other industries production requirements.



Ordering Information

PPH                                     0100               10                  C1                                     E

Series Micron Length End Cap Type Seal material
PPH 0030=0.3μm 05=5" C1 =226/Spear E =EPDM
  0050=0.5μm 10=10" C3 =222/Spear S =Silicone
  0065=0.65μm 20=20" C5 =222/Flat V =Viton
  0080=0.8μm 30=30" C6 =226/Flat P =FEP
  0100=1.0μm 40=40" C9 =DOE    

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